Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Made Simple

An expert air conditioning and heating repair professional once said that you should treat your HVAC system as if it were an automobile. You don’t want to let your car run and run without ever performing any routine maintenance, especially oil changes and the likes. The same goes for your heating and air conditioning system, which is a great way to say that you should have heating and air professionals come out to your home at least once a year to check out your system.

Home and business owners can also take matters upon themselves to fill in the gaps when it comes to maintenance. For example, you can check for broken sealants, leaks or cracks as you inspect the system. You also want to keep your system clear of debris, as you don’t want your HVAC system to get clogged.

Do you replace the A/C filter on time? If not, your system isn’t going to run efficiently, the air isn’t going to be as healthy and your energy bill is going to be more costly. You must be replacing your filter as often as needed.

Ducts and coils need also need to be inspected to make sure they are clean and obstruction free. Doing all these things helps ensure that you don’t have to hire an air conditioning repair company to fix a major problem when an emergency arises. While you might have to get an occasional repair performed over the life of your system, you are going to bring the costs down.

Practicing tips for energy efficiency throughout your home can also help your HVAC system. You want to prolong the life of your system and take care of it properly.
grass in ac unit

When I purchased my first home, I ran into two issues that many new homeowners encounter. First, as I was mowing the lawn, I didn’t keep the A/C system clear of debris. The grass was flying up around the base and building up, which is a hazard. Additionally, it was also flying up around the sides and sticking. I was young, and I didn’t think anything about it at all.

Another thing I encountered is one day my A/C is running just fine, and the next day it won’t turn on. This can send any new homeowner into a tailspin thinking of the worst possible scenarios, like having to do a full replacement. But, typically it’s some other issue and an easy fix.

Mine ended up being repaired for pretty cheap, but do you know what I did? I paid my uncle to come out there and work on it, but he wasn’t able to fix it properly. So, don’t make the same mistake. Call a professional technician the first time, and know who in your area is the best to call. I subsequently called an HVAC technician, and he was able to make the simple repair.

There are also troubleshooting steps you can take if you find yourself in this situation. It could be that you’ve run into the first problem I told you about that I encountered. If there is an obstruction, you might need to clean the system so that it can have the airflow it needs to operate.

It could be something as simple as your system needs more coolant. Naturally, a technician is required for this service. However, if it’s cleaning the system that is needed, there are tutorials online for doing this so you don’t have to pay a professional to come out to your home or business.


When an A/C system doesn’t turn on, it can also simply be the thermostat. You can take the front of your thermostat off and go through troubleshooting steps that are available online, or you can call in a professional if you don’t feel comfortable. However, you should realize now that it’s not always something that bad when it comes to air conditioning repairs, especially if you’re taking good care of your system.

Since you’re going to need routine maintenance performed now that you’re more knowledgeable about your A/C system, it’s a good idea to have a business relationship with a good HVAC technician in your area. This way you’re always confident that you know who to call when those small problems arise.